A Amazon Brasil valoriza a Diversidade, Equidade e Inclusão (DEI) em todas as nossas posições de trabalho, e por isso atuamos com intencionalidade para que nosso ambiente interno reflita a pluralidade dos mercados em que atuamos e clientes que atendemos.
No Brasil , estruturamos um Comitê de Diversidade, Equidade e Inclusão composto por representantes de áreas e cargos diferentes pois entendemos que essa agenda precisa de diferentes perspectivas e vivências múltiplas. Nossa liderança é engajada e entende cada dia mais o seu papel na disseminação e prática dos nossos príncipios de liderança, com objetivo de sermos “a melhor empresa para se trabalhar do mundo”. Sabemos da nossa responsabilidade e necessidade de mudança e somos conscientes de que “ Sucesso e crescimento trazem grandes responsabilidades”.
Nossos grupos de afinidade são formados por pessoas voluntárias de diferentes unidades de negócio e são parte ativa na definição das estratégias de DEI. Além disso, atuam… como embaixadores dessa agenda e vão te apoiar desde o Day 1. Lembre-se “ it´s always Day 1”. Os grupos estão organizados nas seguintes frentes: BEN – Black Employee Network, Women@Amazon, Glamazon (LGBTQIA+) e Pessoa com Deficiência sendo lançado ainda em 2022.
We are seeking a creative, goal-oriented and highly technical person to join our exciting and fast-paced team. We are focused on growing and developing a smart assortment of brands, with the best possible shopping experience for our customers. We are looking for a dynamic and innovative BI Engineer that will enable Amazon Brazil growth through implementation and support of business intelligence solutions for retail programs. He/she will bring insights to the businesses teams and drivers for decision making, will support Customer Return Initiatives by owning complex reporting and managing structural changes in tables and concepts. This role is both a strategic and hands-on role.
It requires an individual with excellent analytical abilities, knowledge of business intelligence solutions, as well as outstanding business acumen and the ability to work with quantitative and business teams. The successful candidate will be a self-starter comfortable with ambiguity, with strong attention to detail, an ability to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, and driven by a desire to innovate in this space.
In this role you will be responsible for solving complex and analytical challenges that produce critical business insights. The ideal candidate has a deep business acumen, an a deep analytical background with business understanding, and earns trust by delivering results.
At Amazon Brazil we value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in all our job positions, therefore, we act intentionally so that our internal environment reflect the plurality of the businesses we play and the customers we serve.
In Brazil, we have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion squad, which is formed by representatives from different roles and areas, as we understand that this agenda must have different perspectives and multiple experiences. Our leadership is committed and understands more and more their role in sharing and acting on our leadership principles, with the purpose of ‘Strive to Be Earth’s Best Employer’.
Understanding our responsibility and our need for change, we are conscientious that ‘Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility’.
Our affinity groups are built from and by volunteers from different businesses and they are an active part of our DE&I strategies definition. Besides that, they act as ambassadors of this agenda, and they will support you from Day1. Remember, at Amazon ‘It’s always Day1’. Our groups are organized in the following fronts: BEN – Black Employee Network, Women@Amazon, Glamazon (LGBTQIA+) and People With Disabilities, to be launched in 2022.

Key job responsibilities
Key Responsibilities For This Role
• Learn and understand a broad range of Amazon’s data resources and know how, when, and which to use.
• Work closely with the team to understand business challenges and provide data/analysis for better decision making.
• Assist in the development of key metrics and performance indicators to measure overall performance and provide foundation for continuous improvement.
• Build self-service reporting platforms, establishing automated processes for large scale data analysis.
• Understand and write high quality queries to retrieve and analyze data.
• Define analytical approaches and metrics strategy to uncover new insights and formulate recommendations that improve productivity.
• Manage the local data infra-structure, as well as work with Global teams to assure data is consistent and accurate.

Basic Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in economics, computer, engineering, mathematics, statistics, or similar quantitative field or certificate of completion.
• Great knowledge in technical program management in a business intelligence environment.
• Experience in using and in order to develop hard data and metrics to back up assumptions, make recommendations, and drive actions.
• Experience in programming languages used for data analysis and automation (skilled in using one or more of SQL/Python/R/JavaScript/VBA)
• Good understanding of distributed systems, data modelling, and scientific methods using large-scale databases in a business environment.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences, from business to technical teams (English).
• Ability to meet deadlines, prioritize workloads, maintain a strong attention to detail and work independently.
• Able to talk on technical level with developers.
• Computer literacy in Microsoft Office applications.
• English is a must.

Preferred Qualifications
• Demonstrated intense customer focus.
• Experience with e-commerce, retail, advertising, or media would be an advantage.
• Experience using EC2/AWS on a professional level.
• Track record of managing and troubleshooting technical projects.
• Experience with unstructured databases, public available datasets or data quality troubleshooting would be an advantage.
• Naturally curious.
• Outstanding attention to detail.
• Ability to prioritize and work well in an ambiguous environment with competing demands.
• Creativity and Analytical problem solving skills, passionate about operational excellence.
Company – Amzn Servicos de Varejo do Bra
Job ID: A2323050