Angular, SCSS, TypeScript
O que nós buscamos
– Desenvolver novas funcionalidades web no front end, em angular (11) e angular material.
– Scss, mixins.
– Conhecimento em GraphQL.
– Cypress tests
– Documentar o seu codigo.
– Desenvolver e sustentar integrações;
UX design, UI e product design são diferenciais. Conhecimento em Nativescript também.
Sobre a Blueghost:
Principais responsabilidades
– Experiência prévia nas linguagens informadas;
– Inglês Intermediário;
– Experiência com ferramentas de versionamento de código (GIT,…);
– Conhecimento em metodologias ágeis (Scrum/Kanban);
– Habilidades interpessoais de escrita e de comunicação verbal;
Descrição da empresa
Do you like **music** / **e-sports**? Are you motivated with big audacious projects and constant challenges? Blueghost is for you then.
Remember the first time you felt the magic energy of a show with your… favorite artist performing, together with your friends? These experiences shape our lives and are unforgettable.
Conversely, you probably felt the opposite when you went to an event with so much potential and left you disappointed.
Have you asked yourself why some experiences are magical and other are complete shit?
Imagine you are putting together a major event, how many moving parts you have to coordinate.
In order to make attendees happy, you have to coordinate and care for everyone in your event:
Artists and performers, attendees, suppliers, your internal staff, sponsors, influencers and whoever else might be involved. That’s not an easy feat, hence why major events take 6-10 months of planning for 1-3 days of events.
• *Blueghost** is here to change that, by providing an all in one workspace to streamline event management – a vertical event solution for the many challenges of producing and performing at events.
• *Our why:**
We empower those in the spotlight, or working to make events a reality with the ultimate toolset to delight customers and produce a better experience for everyone involved, from suppliers and staff to artists, e-sports teams, speakers and fans.
Being a growth catalyst, by supporting the event organizers and performers across different event verticals with better tools so they can spend more time doing what they do best. Supplying a solid foundation for event verticals to be more professional, make more money and developing their communities and ecosystems.
• *Environment:**
Even before covid, we were already a 100% remote team. We believe discipline = freedom.
We expect you to have the discipline to work and manage your own time, we don’t treat you like a 10 year old who has to be managed.
We value complete honesty and have a no bullshit, speak to the face culture. You will be working directly with me, the CEO who wants to know your opinion and you can tell me if you think an idea sucks to my face, with no filters.
• *Potential for growth:**
As a nascent startup, we aren’t going to be able to pay you a fortune. There is always these other boring companies with billions in funding for that. We are looking for people that are interested in growing with us, and believe me – we will make your worth while.
On the other hand, we care that you are happy. One of our CEO’s biggest passions is personal development, and that is embedded in our culture. We know the journey of building a business is long and full of bumps, and thats what makes it fun and rewarding at the end.
Ultimately, you spend a good part of your life during “work hours”, so we need to have fun in the process and do it with people that inspire us, learn from each other and become better people.
• *The event market:**
There are not many players in this space, and people operate like its 1980’s. 95% of the market uses excel and Trello or other task managers to coordinate events, which leaves a lot of room for improvement. Besides, being an all in one we can aggregate many services.
With covid, in person events have been severely affected – but ultimately we are gregarious beings and zoom calls will NEVER replace face to face interactions, where we can make use of our senses.
In person **e-sports** tournaments and **music** festivals and events will continue to be the best experiences. And there is a shift in the market towards hybrid events, which we will soon tackle.
Now that was a fuckload of text, but hopefully you got a glimpse of where you are getting yourself into.
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