Minimum requirements
• Bachelor degree
• Minimum 4 years working experience
• Minimum 2 years working experience in role
• At least 2 languages speaking and writing: mother tongue of the referent of contractor project and English at Intermediate level
• Mastery of the most widespread tools for activities of:
• Mockup realization
• Wireframe realization
• Prototyping
• Experience in the interpretation of analytics data for the identification of fault points I improvement of the UX of the web user
• Knowledge of usability and accessibility methods and user experience modeling
• Mastery of international standards for usability (WCAG)
• Strong creative , design, and visualization skills
• Strong capabilities in the design and development of engaging user experiences
• Strong conceptualization ability, strong visual communication ability
• Understanding of common software development practices
• Understanding of common software project management practices
• Experience in… project with Bl reporting
• Leads the study of the product interface solutions, the correct application of the guidelines, the consistency between the project and the final product in compliance with the standards defined during the brief phase with contractor during the design of the solution and, in particular , on the graphic proposals that must be presented in responsive mode on different web and mobile devices
• It must guarantee the design of a User Experience always in line with the contractor’s objectives and consistent on all digital channels
• Interfaces with contractor with regard to graphics activities
• Coordinates the activities of the company’s graphic staff, with a proactive and consulting function for contractor as well as executive, with regard to the graphics of the projects
• Usability and accessibility declaration, deals with all issues related to effectiveness , efficiency and satisfaction with which specific categories of users can achieve specific goals in particular environments
• Leads usability and accessibility testing
• Leads to all application successful aspects (utility, usability, appealing, engaging)
• Leads activities towards to conformity of application to the expectations of the target users
• Collaborate with team members to develop design
• Observing usability testing to validate designs
• Supervising the visual appearance of all new features and enhancements on Applications